Monday, 23 April 2007

Calvert wrestles with TILMA - Gag Order in effect

This column by Leader-Post financial and business reporter, Bruce Johnstone seems to confirm that the chill, hush and gag order issued last Friday (April 20, 2007) at the "pro-TILMA" (B.C.-Alberta Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement) business forum held last week in Regina is having it's desired effect.

At the above-mentioned forum (sponsored by a prominent Regina developer and the C.D. Howe Institute) media in attendance were instructed by the event sponsors not to "record or quote" anything said in the room. After all, the organizers of the event didn't want to run the risk of "embarassing our guests back home in B.C. and Alberta".

What? By reporting what they are actually saying in their attempts to sell this anti-democratic corporate bill of rights - they might be embarassed?

If I was Bruce Johnstone, or any other media person who attended (or tried to attend) that event I would be outraged, insulted and offended. Perhaps Mr. Johnstone is all of these things: outraged, insulted and offended. He just can't put it in print. They told him not to.

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