Wednesday, 4 April 2007

CFIB says pact cuts red tape, but labour strongly criticizes it

In this Regina Leader-Post article, the CFIB accuses the Sask. Federation of Labour of being "high on rhetoric and low on substance" when it comes to TILMA. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, we (those who have actually studied the scheme) are the only organizations who have provided substantial background material including legal analysis, economic analysis, factual analysis and other analysis to re-inforce our positions. If there is anybody who lacks substance on this topic it's the CFIB and their spokespeople.

Their tactics here are reminiscent of the approach they took on the "available hours" debate in Saskatchewan two years ago. Their campaign then was based on misinformation, distortion, hysteria, fear mongering and outright lies - just like they are attempting to do now in support of TILMA.

As for the Sask. Party - they're still trotting out bogus numbers in their effort to support joining the secret back-room deal signed by the Premiers of B.C. and Alberta. This in spite of the fact that the study they are relying on (done by the Conference Board of Canada) has been discredited and shot so full of holes that even the Conference Board of Canada has stopped using it.

TILMA is a massive assault on democracy, and is an instrument of wholesale deregulation. It strips away governments ability (at all levels) to legislate and regulate in the public interest. Any intelligent and thoughtful person will come to this conclusion by simply reading the agreement. We have. And so apparently have the Saskatoon City Soliciter, the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association, and others.

"High on rhetoric and low on substance" - INDEED!

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