Saturday, 7 April 2007

Canadian TaxEvaders Federation thinks civic workers earn too much

Once again, the Canadian TaxEvaders Federation is complaining that working people don't deserve (and aren't entitled) to get a decent pay increase so they can keep up with increases to the cost of living.

It's remarkable that you never hear a peep out of this organization when it comes to exhorbitant CEO salaries (and "annual" double digit increases for the people at the top of the heap). Or the fact that the cost of housing across this country is rapidly increasing - so that buying a home is out of reach for a significant segment of our society. Or that working people are the back-bone of this country and it's their wages and taxes that keep the economy going.

No, the free-riders over at the TaxEvaders Federation think all of the decent things in a modern, caring and compassionate society just fall out of the trees. Like health care, and education, and libraries, and schools, and snow removal, and garbage collection, and roads, and policing, and fire-fighting, and parks, and recreation, --- the list of things provided by civic workers for the public good is long and impressive.

And the TaxEvaders Federation thinks the people who provide these services to community and society should do it for crap wages, and that these good citizens should fall further and further behind the cost of living by having their wages frozen.

In the meantime the TaxEvaders Federation supports massive tax-cuts and free-rides for businesses and the corporate elite. Why? Because the TaxEvaders Federation is not a member based organization. It has no members. You can't join the organization (you can only give them money). It has no membership meetings, it has no democratic structure. It's people and representatives are unelected and unaccountable.

They seem quite prepared to disclose the names of people who donate to political campaigns, and they are prepared to disclose the names of people in the public sector and what those people earn. But they are not so transparent when it comes to disclosing their own supporters, or funders, or the wages of their staff.

Exactly who are the "donors/supporters" of the TaxEvaders Federation? How much money do the supporters contribute to this "so-called" advocacy group? How do I get a copy of the organization's audited financial statement? How do I get a copy of the organizations constitution, and bylaws?

So many questions - so few answers.

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John Murney said...

It does make you wonder which taxpayers the CTF actually represents.