Sunday, 15 April 2007

TILMA: A Massive Assault on Democracy

Immediately below are links to a couple of great letters to the editor on the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement - TILMA. (both recently appeared in the Regina Leader-Post - April 14 and April 12 respectively).

1. SUMA has good reason to worry - by Allan Earle, SUMA
2. TILMA: 'a corporate bill of rights' - by Marvin Meickel, SFL

What both of these letters illustrate is that there is absolutely no good, sound, or rational reason for Saskatchewan (or any other province for that matter) to join in on the 'so-called' TILMA. In fact, it would be in the best interests of the citizens of both B.C. and Alberta if the agreement was simply scrapped and written off in the history books as just another bad idea that was flawed from the get go.

TILMA is an anti-democratic, top-down, ideologically driven instrument for massive deregulation. It strips governments, and their entities of the ability to act, regulate, and legislate in the public interest.

TILMA is an abrogation of the duty and responsibility of duly elected officials to govern for the citizens who have elected them. Even the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants can see that. Their Vice-President recently testified before the Standing Senate Committee on Banking Trade and Commerce and said the following related to TILMA:

"We do not believe that this is consistent with the obligation of legislators and ensure that the public is protected." (for the full quote see Page 21 of this legal analysis)

Don't be fooled by the attempts of supporters of TILMA to paint those who oppose this anti-democratic agreement as fear mongering. Simply read the agreement for yourself, and then read some of the analysis of the agreement. You'll come to the same conclusion that I have - TILMA is a Massive Assault on Democracy.

Send a message to your MLA that your Saskatchewan does not include the "so-called" Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement.


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