Tuesday, 27 November 2007

CUPE 1975 Rejects University Final Offer

CUPE 1975 members (employees of the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan) have overwhelming and massively rejected their employers' so-called Final Offer.

In votes held November 26 and 27, (and supervised by the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board) the members voted 'NO' by 85%.

For further details check the Union Web-sites at:

www.cupe1975.ca (U of S)
www.cupe1975-01.ca (U of R)

The Official New Release is reproduced below:
CUPE calls for more bargaining dates:
University workers vote to reject employers’ final offer

Saskatoon/Regina: Striking university workers voted 85% to reject the employers’ final offer at membership meetings in Regina and Saskatoon. The ballots were counted this afternoon.

The CUPE 1975 negotiating committee, which asked members to reject the final offer, says the strong “no” vote sends a clear message to the employer.

“We are not prepared to settle for anything less than a fair contract settlement,” said Brad McKaig, chair of the 1975 bargaining committee, adding “the employers’ final offer was far too little and way too late.”

Despite the falling temperatures and the approach of Christmas, striking university workers came out in large numbers to defeat the employers’ final offer. About 72% of the membership cast ballots at meetings in the two cities.

“The strong rejection vote demonstrates the membership’s resolve to achieve a fair contract offer – something they have not seen so far,” said Don Puff, president of CUPE 1975-01 in Regina.

Bargaining is scheduled to resume on Friday, November 30. But the union says they are ready to meet as early as tomorrow and through the weekend, if that’s what it takes to negotiate a settlement to this dispute.

“There are two outstanding issues that must be resolved to conclude an agreement and get members back to work,” said Puff. “There’s no reason that could not happen on Friday, but if it takes longer we are prepared to bargain through the weekend.”

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For more information contact: Brad McKaig at 229-6730 or Don Puff at 537-3199

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