Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Whatever Happened to the 100 Million Dollars?

Whatever happened to the 100 Million Dollars that the Provincial Government gave to the University of Saskatchewan on December 12, 2005? Have we got an Academic Health Sciences Centre?

Is it time for a forensic audit???


Richard_Cranium said...

Probably going toward the future settlement for the striking CUPE's.

Larry Hubich said...

That's a good one Richard. With that $100 million cheque - you could more than double the cummulative wages of every last one of the 1800 CUPE members currently on the picket line at the U of S.

All that and still have money left over to continue purchasing a weekly supply of fresh cut flowers for the Presidential Palace.

Adam said...

Last I heard, the new health sciences building is going to be completed somewhere in the 2010-11 range. So in response to your questions:

"Have we got an Academic Health Sciences Centre?"

Not yet.

"Is it time for a forensic audit???"


Mike The Greek said...


I haven't heard you comment on SGEU locking out the CEP. Or is that over on your Bad Boss blog?

I think that as the head of the SFL , it is incumbent on you to give insight as to that affair.

The taxpayers want to hear what you have to say!

Jason Rattray said...


Of course we don't want a forensic audit. Don't be silly. Do you want to see managers fired for misappropriation? Of course you don't. We will just pretend this never happened. You know, like Brad Wall does with the Divine years...Grant who?

David said...

The president of the sask federation of labour accusing UofS executives of defrauding the government of Saskatchewan?

Wow, Larry. Just wow.

Sean S. said...

I don't see where in his post Larry accuses anyone of defrauding the government.

Larry Hubich said...

Precisely Sean! Asking questions and requesting answers does not constitute accusation.

In fact, in most sensible people's world it's called due diligence, and is seen as the responsible and appropriate thing to do.

Richard_Cranium said...

I'm with you on this one. Any time anyone takes MY money for a purpose and there is even a faint odor of misappropriation, I want to know. That is the problem with society today, is that governments pilage what they like from us and are nowhere near as accountable as they were in the "good old days".
Seems we accept misappropriatin and scandal as part of the process.

David said...

Larry, do you know what "forensic" means?

Larry Hubich said...

David, Yes.

Let's be clear, you are the one who suggested I was accusing executives of the U of S of fraud.

I did no such thing.

But if there is fraud, and a forensic audit uncovers it - perhaps they are the victims.

You shouldn't jump to conclusions.