Saturday, 3 November 2007

Enterprise Saskatchewan: Regina columnist says Brad Wall “would privatize the economic decision-making functions of government to this new body.”

Yet another brilliant analysis, and masterful piece of research on the origins and thought processes that have gone into the creation of the Sask. Party concept called "Enterprise Saskatchewan" has been posted by Joe Kuchta over at the "Owls and Roosters" blog. You can read it by clicking here.

What Kuchta does in this posting is to confirm his previous assertions about Enterprise Saskatchewan by quoting from articles written over the past two to three years by main stream reporters and columnists.

One of the most revealing (and stunning) is in this quote by Leader-Post Columnist Bruce Johnstone from an article written for "Investment Executive" newspaper: (The article is entitled: Sunday school teacher preaches radical agenda.)

““We’ve relied on government to be the driver of economic growth,’’ Wall said. “Government has a role to play, to be sure ... but our government has been ubiquitous when it comes to economic development.”

Under Wall’s “bold new vision,’’ a Saskatchewan Party government would cede control of economic decision-making to Enterprise Saskatchewan, a joint government/private-sector body that would assume the economic development functions of government. Instead of bureaucrats or politicians, Enterprise Saskatchewan’s independent board of directors would make the big decisions about such issues as key economic sectors, the barriers to growth, taxes to cut, businesses to attract, and investments to make. In essence, Wall would privatize the economic decision-making functions of government to this new body.”

Is this how democracy functions?

As an aside, for the past number of months I have been following Kuchta's blog and linking to various articles and postings on it. I became aware of this man when he waded into the debate on the anti-democratic B.C./Alberta Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA). In fact, the first time I linked his blog was on April 16, 2007. See here.

But I had never met him until last Thursday, (October 25, 2007).

While up in Saskatoon at the annual SFL Convention, I had the opportunity to chat briefly with Joe and his wife, Georgie. I complimented him on his remarkable research ability and his incredible knack at pulling together complex issues in an understandable way. To this he remarked in a very gentle, humble, and shy way, "I'm just one man - with one computer, who thinks these things are important."

We need more Joe Kuchta's!


Anonymous said...

Sounds really scary. Where were you when the NDP privatized investment Saskatchewan to private interests? At least enterprise Saskatchewan wouldn't have any ability to spend public money.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know more about Victoria Park Capital. Are they transparent enough to your liking?

The NDP Boogeyman said...

No actually Larry, the Sask Party needs more Joe Kuchta's....

Your dynnamic duo has really helped the Sask Party this campaign.


Unknown said...

So, having Unions make decisions FOR the rest of us is a good idea? I don't recall voting any union into office.

I'd rather a board drawn from ALL segments of Sask. society than the way it's been for the past 16 years of back room closed door meetings and friends of NDP short listing.

Matthew Bennett said...

If you were less partisan, I would have more respect for you, and what you are trying to do.

Instead, I have zero respect for you or the SFL.

Larry Hubich said...

When Investment Saskatchewan was established we raised serious concerns about it.

I also have serious concerns about Victoria Park Capital.

Unions don't (and haven't been) making decisions "for the rest of us".

As for backroom and closed door meetings with the NDP? Any meetings I ever attended I came through the front door - and our meetings with government certainly weren't clandestine or secret.