Monday 27 October 2008

A Class Act

I received the following poem via e-mail today:

A Class Act

He walked into the room,

A little big man strutting up the aisle with his minions around him.

Passing him as they left the stage,

Were 40 miners left out on strike,

By a CEO who makes more money then anyone could ever spend or defend.

The little big man speech droned on and on,

Constantly justifying the unjustifiable,

Never imagining another world where people work and sweat for a living and respect.

The workers start moving away raising from their chairs - moving together,

Creating their space of solidarity and resistance,

Singing in unison - So So Solidarity Solidarity Forever standing up for all workers.

It was a class act one for all - all for one.

Don Kossick, October/2008 -- Viva!

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Ron Mullin said...

and you wonder why!