Tuesday, 21 October 2008

SGEU Anti-Privatization Campaign

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Unknown said...

Larry you and the SFL are class acts I tell you. Invite someone out to your convention and treat him like that... who would listen to you.

I know all about your antics Mr Hubich ... I see them first hand and for some time I only wished the public really knew what you were really about and how childish you are. Well the wait is over... you have shown the Saskatchewan public the true side of you.

I know for a fact that this was planned as I know a relative of one of the members and have a copy of an email to proove it.

Time will only tell my friend when I should release that. I think a public appology is in order for yourself first thing in the morning or I will have to exploit that email.

Yours Truly..

Tyler said...

Larry Hubich - your behaviour and that of your delegation is pathetic and childish - but it is completely expected from you and your band of bullies that claim to speak for your members. I welcome any changes to labour law that will increase fairness and reduce the amount of immature bullshit that is seen in labour groups today.

Annie O said...

1. What does this have to do with this particular blog ie anti privatization?
2. I was a delegate at the convention and I don't remember getting my e-mail. Larry did you leave me out the loop? Damn, I hate it when you do that. I quite distinctly remember the opposite actually, that there was discussion that Norris should be treated with respect as he is the *choke, barf, cough* Labour Minister (my comments only) AND that was the discussion of the executive council. Larry was extremely respectful, and one point asked Norris if he wanted him to bring order to the session and Norris WAVED HIM OFF.
Before the last election, the Sask Party DECLARED WAR!! on labour, and when you go onto enemy territory, how would you expect to be treated? A red carpet and a banquet in your honour? Get a grip. The guy deserved everything he got, only worse.
It wasn't until he started defending the indefensible that the delegates got outraged, and they had EVERY RIGHT TO DO SO. If someone declared war on your family, then walked into your house and started threatening your family and was goading you do you think you might get a bit upset? If you did, would you be acting "childish, classless, etc"?

Think about it, people.
This is a lot deeper than you are even capable of comprehending. Get educated, then post.