Friday 17 October 2008

It's time to stand up and Fight Back!!!

This could just as easily be Canada or Saskatchewan, if we don't keep our eye on the ball. My favourite line from the video is:

"I have waited for others to fight a fight I should have been in since Round 1."

Check out the AFL-CIO's Turn Around America video contest web site at:


myworld said...

The Critical Mass, growing in number. Extra good to see the youth "get it".
Unfortunately we need more direct instruction of what to do to help.
Most say they have no time to fight the lies we are fed, and society and its expectations and demands has made that true.
The corporations know this - they helped create it.
Good on the Kids, and the AFL for sponsoring a contest of this calibre.

ricky said...

I agree, we do need to remember these people. The Labour movement needs to join with others and help each other. That will mean money from labour without the strings we usually attach to these efforts.

Im with you brother!

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susansmith said...

I agree. It is about providing those resources and funds. So often youth and young folks want to do something but there is no "paths" to those organizational structures.
CLC through their local labour councils should be building those connections through supporting local youth action.
It's just not about "talking union" but actually creating a youth wing that focuses on what youth are interested in and thus meeting them where they are at - that's Paulo Freire - literacy 101 - pedology of the oppressed.