Friday, 5 December 2008

"Cut and Run Stevie" makes his mark in history

Prorogue Precedents

Stephen Harper wanted to shut down Parliament just because he does not agree with it.

Some say this is unprecedented.

In fact, Harper is following parliamentary tradition. Consider the following precedents:

1629: King Charles I in England
1799: Napoleon in France
1913: Victoriano Huerta in Mexico
1933: Adolf Hitler in Germany
1936: Francisco Franco in Spain
1939: Benito Mussolini in Italy
1973: Augusto Pinochet in Chile
1975: Indira Gandhi in India
1999: Pervez Musharaff in Pakistan
2008: Stephen Harper in Canada

YIKES! Hardly a badge of honour to achieve a spot on this list.

H/T to Sean in Ottawa for this Post, and to thereginamom for most of the links


myworld said...

What a maroon.

Interesting to see how far back the rulers governed the media outlets. And society is still subscribing to the same diatribe in the mainstream papers and on the mainstream airwaves.
Do we get it, yet??

the regina mom said...

Gotta love researchers who can pull those lists together so quickly, eh? Kind of scary. Naomi Klein is so right when she says that we cannot lose this moment.