Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Canada Needs An Open Internet - Stop Throttling

"Canada needs an open Internet

CRTC investigating Internet throttling

Bell and other corporate giants such as Rogers and Shaw currently have free rein to "throttle" service to their retail customers and those small companies that rent portions of Bell's network to competitively provide internet service to Canadians.

The CRTC is conducting a detailed investigation of this Internet traffic management by Canada's big telecoms. Submissions from the public and hearings later this year are part of that probe.

Canadians must seize this opportunity to tell the CRTC that it must ensure we have an open, fast and accessible Internet in this country."
Send a letter today (deadline February 16th) - click here!

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Anonymous said...

Forcing cash-rich companies such as Rogers, Bell, and Shaw, to build their networks to support appropriate levels of demand can be a form of economic stimulus. Especially for the high tech sector that has been dying in Canada for most of the past decade, with horrific job losses and lost economic opportunity.

"throttling", "traffic shaping", and other methods of 'traffic management' is a very slipperly slope, especially in a democratic country such as Canada. For instance, Telus, a couple of years ago, used their 'traffic management' to make a union's website innaccessible. What's to stop sinister interests from using such 'traffic management' to suppress, for instance, politically subversive websites?

Larry, we've sparred on other issues before considering unionization of professionals, but I completely, and 100% back you on this issue.