Thursday, 8 February 2007

Large Overtime Bill for Saskatoon

Article from the Saskatoon StarPhoenix
Once again, the Canadian TaxEvaders Federation is spouting off about things they either know nothing about or don't understand. Overtime is a feature of the "law" - in every jurisdiction in this country. Collective agreements are a second layer of defense against unscrupulous employers who would work people excess hours without additional compensation.

The reason for overtime in this situation is that the employer was understaffed for the work that needed to be done. That's it - plain and simple. Places where the overtime is large has nothing to do with what the TaxEvaders Federation suggests.

But then why would anyone expect anything different from that organization which has NO members and represents NO one.


Anonymous said...

City employees' wages are a matter of publid record and are available to anyone who obtains a copy of the Public Accounts.
Do we see the salaries of the prominent members of the Chamber of Commerce, Realtors' Association, etc. who are the most vociferous critics of public employees?
Those who howl the loudest about the compensation of hard working men and women who provide the highly rated services we all rely on should disclose their own earnings.

David MacLean said...

you tell'em, malcolm!

They have no right to speak! They should be silenced!

Anonymous said...

Actually, "artist", I think they should speak and I think they should tell the whole truth. If they want to criticize they should be willing to accept criticism.
Unlike those who post their comments anonymously or under a pseudonym.

Anonymous said...

Artist you should go back to the Taxpayers federation site where you come from

Anonymous said...

and while there, say hi to all of your phony handles:
etc etc etc