Wednesday, 14 February 2007

TILMA Analysis

Below are a couple of quotes taken directly from a recent legal analysis of the BC/Alberta Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA) prepared by Steven Shrybman of Sack, Goldblatt, Mitchell for the Ontario Federation of Labour.

"... the likely impacts of TILMA represent a fundamental assault on the capacity of present and future governments in BC and Alberta to serve the public interest. We have also been unable to find a credible rationale for TILMA, other than one that espouses the cause of wholesale de-regulation. When considered in light of the lack of public consultation that preceded it, TILMA represents a reckless betrayal of the public interest and responsible government. Clearly Ontario and other provinces should reject the invitation of British Columbia and Alberta to join the TILMA club."

"TILMA represents a far reaching and corrosive constraint on the future capacity of the governments of British Columbia and Alberta to exercise the policy, legislative, and programmatic authority that is essential to their governance mandates. Given the enormous impacts this regime is likely to have on virtually every sphere of public policy and law, it would be unconscionable for Ontario or any government considering TILMA-like obligations to proceed without the fullest and informed public discussion and debate."

An updated version of the full analysis can be downloaded here (in PDF).

TILMA is not about Trade, Investment or Labour Mobility. It is a blatant attempt to hand over complete control over everything we value to the boardrooms of multi-national corporations. It is an assault on democracy.

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