Monday, 12 February 2007

Royal Bank CEO made $12.8 million in 2006

How many "ATM" transaction service charges does it take to pay the wages of one Big Bank CEO? Is the answer: 12.8 Million?

And while we're at it - when is enough, enough? How much profit does one company need in a year? Is it 5 billion, or 7.5 billion, or 10 billion, or more? What's the number?

To put things in context:

For 12.8 Million you could employ 410 people at $15.00/hour for one year.

For 7.5 Billion you could employ 240,384 people at $15.00/hour for one year.


David MacLean said...

Depends on how much is invested to earn that profit. It's all relative. A $12 billion profit isn't much if $500 billion is invested, now is it?

John Murney said...

Jeez Larry, that's a good story you have there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a good story.