Friday, 16 February 2007

Plans afoot to move Saskatchewan's Capital City???

I recently had the message below forwarded to me by a person who is in my e-mail loop. So, what is Brad Wall's vision for Saskatchewan in the "New West"? Is it economic integration with Alberta and B.C.? Does he plan to transfer our democratic decision making to the "cabinets" of the B.C. and Alberta governments?

Who will make the decisions for Saskatchewan citizens? Will our democracy be handed over to the corporate board rooms of multi-national Oil Companies?

Why is it that someone who wants to be the Premier is holding fund raising events in provinces other than the one he wants to be Premier of?

So many questions.......


Hi Larry,

I must have e-mailed my MLA to protest against something and now I'm on their e-mail list. I was going to ask to be taken off their list but then I figured, why not keep an eye on what they are doing. Sounds like Brad Wall has a "vision" for Saskatchewan, and it probably looks allot like Alberta - especially the labour laws I expect.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 PM
Subject: I need your help with the 2007 Sask Party Calgary Leader's Dinner

The 2007 Saskatchewan Party Calgary Leader’s Dinner is fast approaching – it will be held Thursday evening, March 15th at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Calgary.

Dinner co-chairs Jeff Sterzuk and Brenda Barootes are working hard to make this year’s dinner the largest ever. If early ticket sales are an indication, this indeed will be a record-setting event.

This dinner will bring together people who have strong ties to Saskatchewan; whether it’s young people who were born here but now work in Alberta or those with business interests and family here.

Brad Wall will share his plan on making Saskatchewan a leader in the economy of the New West; he will outline what the Saskatchewan Party will do to realize the potential of our province.

Here is the part where I need your help: I am sure that each of you has friends, relatives, or business associates that live and work in Calgary or Southern Alberta who would be interested in hearing Brad’s message. I would appreciate your forwarding their names and addresses to me (e-mail is fine) so I can personally invite them to join us at this very important event.

As you know, 2007 is likely an election year. The outcome of this election will determine our province’s leadership and economic success for decades into the future. Your anticipated assistance is very much appreciated.

Ken Cheveldayoff, MLA

Saskatoon Silver Springs

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