Friday, 23 February 2007

More Mexican labour needed in oil patch, executives say

It's not about immigration at all - it's about exploitation.

More exposure of the true agenda - secret meetings in Banff, corporate privilege at the highest levels of government, etc.

The wishes of the CEO's have priority over the votes of the citizens.

It's a Massive Assault on Democracy.

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Anonymous said...

"Canada and Mexico should accelerate efforts to import temporary Mexican energy workers to alleviate the skills shortage in Alberta and other provinces as oil sands development ramps up, top North American CEOs will recommend today."

Import temporary workers?????

Have we really gone this far where we're looking to "import" people?

How about a real strange idea here, how about immigration? How about allowing people to immigrate to Canada for real jobs? I really have a problem when they're using the same term used to describe importing commodities when referring to human beings !