Monday, 15 September 2008

Back Door Alberta/Sask TILMA?

Blogger Joe Kuchta over at the Owls and Roosters Blog has recently posted a comprehensive analysis of the recently inked "Alberta-Saskatchewan Protocol of Cooperation" signed by Premiers Brad Wall (Sask.) and Ed Stelmach (Alberta).

Kuchta holds the so-called agreement signed by Wall and Stelmach side by side with a similar agreement, signed in 2003, between B.C. and Alberta called the "Protocol of Cooperation - Between the Government of Alberta and the Government of British Columbia" which led directly to the back room, closed door, secret signing of the anti-democratic BC/Alberta Trade Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement (TILMA).

In his posting, entitled: "TILMA: Alberta-Saskatchewan Protocol of Cooperation eerily similar to Oct. 2003 BC-Alberta agreement that led to controversial trade deal", Kuchta alerts readers to the glaring similarities between what occured in the lead-up to the seriously flawed BC/Alberta TILMA, and the recent meeting between Wall and Stelmach.

Is this an example of a flip-flopping Premier who is trying to sneak through the back door what he was afraid to bring through the front door?

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