Sunday, 28 September 2008

Harper soft on white collar crime - CUPE

There's a very good article on the web-site entitled: "Harper soft on white collar crime". It shows the glaring contradiction between how our Prime Minister proposes to get tough on youth crime - while he and his government look the other way when it comes to corporate crime.

Here are the opening 2 paragraphs:

"Stephen Harper has no problem sentencing 14 year-olds to life in prison. As for his gang of merry corporate supporters who have fleeced hardworking Canadians for billions? They have a better chance of getting locked up in the U.S.

It’s not that Canada is devoid of white collar crime – Canadian workers and taxpayers have paid a high price for made-in-Canada market fraud and abuse. It’s just that our politicians would rather enable corporate criminals than hold them accountable."
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Beijing York said...

Thanks for flagging this. It's a timely issue given the mess we see in the US financial sector. Deregulation doesn't work.