Saturday, 27 September 2008

Wall Street meltdown caused by deregulation, corporate corruption and influence peddling

The current crisis in the U.S. financial system - which will likely result in average tax-paying American citizens being left holding the bag in a nearly one trillion dollar bailout of Wall Street - is, quite simply, the fault of greedy unregulated and corrupt corporations and the corrupt politicians that they control.

Meanwhile, right-wing politicians and right-wing political parties in Canada constantly worship at the alter of the U.S. Republicans. They long to be leaders of a country that emulates our neighbours to the south. Deregulation, privatization, so called free-trade, 'for profit' health care - these are all things that Canadian tories hold up as the systems they believe in.

The fact is - down in the United States, where the economic system is on the verge of collapse, 10's of millions of people have no health-care, millions are being driven into personal bankruptcy, millions risk losing their homes, millions more live homeless and in poverty, and cities like New Orleans still struggle to repair the damage caused by a hurricane that occurred over 3 years ago.

Nevertheless, the country has a trillion dollars to wage never-ending war, and another trillion dollars to bail out never-ending corporate greed.

Read the following article which appeared on and the L.A. Times: Keating Five Ring a Bell?

You want to live in a country like that? Elect Stephen Harper as Prime Minister with a majority and it can all be yours.


Beijing York said...

Deregulation and Privatization should be widely used buzz words in this election campaign. Tie it to each opposition party's economic platform. The only people who lose will be the majority of Canadians if Harper gets even a minority. He has already set the wheels in motion (AECL, CWB, CFIA).

kenchapman said...

If Harper gets a majority Canada will have to run for cover.