Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Christmas Message 2007

Reproduced below is a Christmas message that I just read from Brother Tim Anderson, the President of CUPE Local 21 (City of Regina outside workers). It is very thoughtful and rings loudly in my ears. It is the best message I have seen for a long time and speaks to the sacrifice and commitment that union members make in our communities everyday.

Merry Christmas Tim!


"With the holiday season fast approaching, Christmas Day is not far away. As President of Local 21 and on behalf the Executive members, I would like to wish you, along with your families, the best of this joyous season. We hope this season will bring happy reunions, celebration, and new memories to cherish as we approach the New Year.

Christmas centers on the birth of a child, and on the message of hope and peace. We hear that message in many ways at Christmas, and it never looses the power to lift our hearts.

The holidays can also deepen our sense of gratitude for life, and for family and friends who fill our lives. We remember how much we have been given, and how much we have to share.

We think of those among us who spend the holidays in sadness or solitude. We think of those facing illness, or the loss of a loved one, or the hardships of poverty or unemployment. And across the city, caring Local 21 members are reaching out to those in need by volunteering their time. By serving a cause greater than themselves, Local 21 members spread hope in our community and make our city a better place to live.

At Christmas we also think of the sisters and brothers of Local 21 who are working shifts insuring the taxpayers are driving on safe streets, have clean water to drink, and recreation facilities to use, something we all take for granted. We are grateful for the commitment of our sisters and brothers, and we are safer because of their skills and sacrifice.

Separation from loved ones is always difficult, especially at this time of year. All sisters and brothers that must work over the holidays know their families miss them. I personally know of this as I worked shifts for some five years.

All Local 21 members who serve others or volunteer their time are living out the spirit of the Christmas season. The story of Christmas is familiar to us all, yet it still brings inspiration and comfort and love to people everywhere.

Whether we are watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” for the 100th time or watching our children inhale the Christmas spirit for the first time.

May the spirit of the season be with you today and throughout the new year. From our family to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

In Solidarity,
Tim Anderson
President Local 21"


susansmith said...

Larry that was wonderful. Thanks for sharing that message with bloggers and readers/commentors.

Unknown said...

Excellent sentiments and, keeping the diversity of union membership in mind, I look forward to similar statements related to Hannukah, Ramadan and the other faith-based holidays.

Larry Hubich said...

Thanks Jan.

Ron, certainly. If I receive any messages like the one which I recieved from Tim Anderson from union members of different religious persuasions or faith-based backgrounds I will gladly post them.