Thursday, 6 December 2007

U. of S. Faculty Association joins SFL

On December 4th, the University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association (USFA) voted to become the latest union to join the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour.

The USFA represents approximately 1,000 faculty members including professors, librarians, archivists, and extension specialists at Saskatchewan’s largest university.
I am very pleased that the Faculty Association has chosen to join the House of Labour. Their decision to join the SFL reinforces that in this day and age, workers need unions, and unions need strong central organizations to advocate on their behalf.

These additional members at the University of Saskatchewan will make a fantastic addition to the diverse make-up of the SFL. Our Federation is an organization that truly reflects the wide cross-section of workers in virtually all occupations throughout the province.
The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Executive Council will finalize the affiliation at their meeting next week in Regina.
The SFL now represents nearly 95,000 unionized workers from 37 affiliated unions in Saskatchewan.
See official SFL News Release here. (in Adobe PDF format)


John Murney said...

Congratultions! That is a fairly important development, I think anyhow!

Ron Hitchcock said...

This addition to the family of trade unionist is thanks to the dedicated hard work and integrity of the SFL President Larry Hubich.
Thanks Larry

Ron Hitchcock

Larry Hubich said...

Thanks Ron. But the Federation of Labour is much more than one person. It is a group of dedicated women and men who work tirelessly in defence of the rights, and fair and equitable treatment of not only their members, but for everyone in the rest society, too.

And John, YES it is an important development. It speaks loudly to the fact the SFL is saying and doing things with honesty, integrity, responsibility and commitment. These SFL actions have gained the support and respect of the organization that represents over 1,000 of the most highly educated citizens in our province.

I couldn't be more proud of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour!

Richard_Cranium said...


In a vote called late tonight over the objection of Union officials, members of the International Fraternity of Elves (IFE) first removed Jimmy Holiday and other officers of the Union by a 93% majority. The subsequent vote to end the strike that began on July 8th and return to work passed with over a 98% majority.

Newly elected IFE President Sven Snow told reporters that "...the strike was a terrible misunderstanding regarding the purpose and intent of North Pole Inc.'s outsourcing initiative, and that of unpaid overtime. That was clearly understood by the vast majority of elves as early as August but the previous union leadership had other motivations. We are just happy to return to our labor of love and we'll do everything possible to ensure this year's Christmas is the best ever."

Jingle, Santa's Chief of Staff, was qouted as saying "We are happy to have all of the elves back. This has been a difficult and trying time. We truly regret the misunderstanding that led to this but we applaud the elves' desire to get back to work and to save Christmas 2007."

Jingle also announced that the IFE would follow the U of S faculty, and join up with the SFL. Jingle indicated that Brother Hubich has been a pilar during these trying times.

Santa Claus was in route back to the North Pole at the time of the vote. He was contacted by Hubich and Jingle via conference call, just minutes after the result was confirmed. "Christmas 2007 has been saved. Children worldwide can rest easier tonight. We have a lot of hardwork ahead of us to get back on track but with the help of the elves and our partners, we are confident we can deliver at 100% this year. I want to thank the elves for their decision to return. They always have been and always will be family. This was just an ugly misunderstanding and, as CEO, I take responsibility for us not better communicating our outsourcing plans in a way that the elves here at the North Pole could understand, agree to pay them all back overtime, and believe that their jobs will not be impacted. But for now, we are just glad to have them back!"

Hubich indicated that the elves vote to return is effective immediately.

Larry Hubich said...