Monday, 10 December 2007

SFL News Release - 2007 Throne Speech

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour news release respecting the December 10, 2007 Saskatchewan Throne Speech is available by clicking here. (in Adobe PDF format)


leftdog said...

Although the SFL represents working men and women you also fight for the rights of youth, students and retired workers. Gains made at the bargaining table will not be taken away by Mr. Wall. The SFL should be commended for taking the leadership role in this.

Mike The Greek said...

Congratultions Larry,

You're blog has been brought to the attention of Premier Wall.

On Gormley this morning he mentioned that your meetings with the government have a different tone than he hears your blog has.

So which Hubich is the new Sask Party government (I love the way that sounds) going to deal with?

Do you have the ability to co-operate with this government (and actually call the Labour Minister by the correct name) and stop the left-wing rhetoric on this blog, or is the real Larry Hubich waiting in the wings to pounce?

I thinking working men and women (like myself) would like to know how you are going to help, not hinder this new government.

Have a great day!

Open Minds said...

While reading the LP this AM I was struck by one addition to the Labour Laws that Wall wants; the ability to allow management to talk with striking union workers. This is telling me that not only will the 'essential services' be effectively forced back into service but that essential workers could be 'bribed' back to work - if money talks and we know it does. This in itself does not bother me completely but the implication that the only members left on strike could potentially be the non-essential workers thus stripping the union of its negotiating power. If the union is left with no power to negotiate contracts then for what reason should we have unions? Can you see where this is going? Saskatchewan will become another worker unfriendly province/jurisdiction.

Larry Hubich said...

Mike, I'm not sure what "left-wing" rhetoric you are referring to - unless you are suggesting that I should filter out the comments of people who contribute to the blog "like you". Both left and right.

I don't listen to Mr. Gormley's show, so I can't respond to what was allegedly said, or not said, on it.

As for a demonstrated commitment to cooperating, you'd have to talk to people and organizations who have actually met me, and had dealings with me.

Perhaps you would like to check with the business reps on the Saskatchewan Labour Market Commission, or some of those from companies that I have negotiated collective agreements with in the past.

Or the organization that represents 1,000 of some of the most educated citizens in the province (the University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association). They seem to be comfortable with what they are hearing from the SFL and Larry Hubich. In fact, they like it so much they've decided to join.

I look forward to working with and cooperating with the new government as opportunities present.