Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Saskatchewan Government to attack workers democratic rights today

The Saskatchewan Government of Brad Wall will be introducing legislation today attacking workers Constitutional and Charter Rights. There has been absolutely no consultation with the organization that represents nearly 100,000 workers who will be directly affected by Bills 5 and 6.


Sean S. said...

looks like a government gearing up for a Mike Harris-style war on labour.

What a nice thing to plant on the labour landscape, especially with the Nurses Union contract negotiations on the horizon.

Armand Roy said...

Am I surprised? The Devine Tories are now the Wall SP's. Different era, same politics. Wait until we see the excesses spent on advertising without accountability, the bleeding of the coffers to Saskatchewan Enterprise in the ruse that its good for all of us, and the debt they leave when they go out of office from their corruption.

Of course that won't happen. They are not the same as the Devine crooks. They will have learned how to do it better.

Who will suffer? Enjoy the have in Sask as a province while you can. Have not is back in droves within 2 years. Or even worse - have for a few.

The SP will have a party alright. On the backs of Saskatchewan hard working people.

Peter Puck said...

I think the secret balots in union votes is giving me more rights not taking them away.

Larry Hubich said...

Ah, Peter - you haven't read the legislation then - because that's not what it says.

By the way, there already are secret ballots in union votes in Saskatchewan.

And in the legislation as drafted your "so-called" secret ballot is treated exactly the same as somebody who doesn't even take the time to vote. How is that "more rights"?

I encourage you to read the legislation and the existing act for yourself. Or better still - get a lawyer to read it with you.

Thank you for participating in this blog.

Peter Puck said...

No I have not read the legislation.

I thought CTV reported that the legislation would make secret ballots law.

Even if union votes are curretnly secret I don't see whats bad about making it law.

Peter Puck said...

Larry, now is reporting,

"There would also be mandatory secret ballot votes for certification or decertification"

Is the media wrong? I'm not being sarcastic I know they can be. Thats why I enjoy blogs.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Didn't take Wall long to take off the sheep's clothing.
A so called "secret ballet vote" is not giving anyone more rights. All it does is gives the employer a chance to intimidate workers into changing their mind with "or else" threats. Wall wants to make that all legal as well with letting it be ok for the employer to "talk" to the workers. Let's see there is the one about the plant closing if it goes Union (they all say that one), give us another chance to make it up to you (hmmm... they didn't give a rip before the Union showed up to help the workers), you will make less money by paying Union dues and you will be bargaining from 0 (the reality is once a certification drive is on the employer can't change or drop wages, so when you get your Union you bargain from where you are right now. Last time I checked Unions bargain up not down, and I haven't seen a contract where the union hasn't bargained at least the amount of the Union dues in your first raise, in fact I've always seen more than what you pay in union dues in the first raise. oh yes.. Union dues are tax deductible as well, and for all the resources you get from your Union dues... they are well worth it). those are just a couple of excuses employers use, and Wall wants to give the employers time to try to scare the workers with these and other excuses.
Presently, (for any who didn't know) If workers wanted to form a Union all they would have to do is sign a Union certification card (which the employer never sees). The Labour Relation board checks the amount of cards sighed to the amount of workers in the work force, if the majority of the workforce (50%+ 1 card) sighed certification cards, you get your Union. Why would the worker need more than this. You just sighed a card saying that "YES I want a Union" then you need to vote on it as well??? If you get a check from someone and you want to cash it. you sign the back of the check and give it to the casher or deposit into the ATM. By signing the back of the check you have made a decision to cash it right? Now, how much sense would it make fro you to have to come back in 2 or 3 weeks to the bank to vote if you want your money or the check.