Friday, 21 December 2007

Semi driver rams picketer at Sun Rype strike in Kelowna

Aaron Ekman over at the Pacific Tribune Blog has posted a disturbing video of a semi driver ramming a picketer on the line on strike at Sun Rype in Kelowna, B.C. (The Semi has a Saskatchewan licence plate and "Regina, Sask." on the door)

Warning - Strong Language on the video which can be viewed by following this link.

According to the YouTube descriptor this is:
"Couple of drivers from europe on a govn't grant work thing- having a tough time in the confined space behind the fence- JACKNIFE! JACKPOT! They haven't come back."
Were these drivers hired under the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)? There is more information available about the SINP on the Saskatchewan Trucking Association web-site click here.


Unknown said...

Gee Larry, are you saying only folks born here are good enough to work here? Your anti-immigrant stance could lead one to think that perhaps you might favor white sheets and pointy hats as off duty wear. My Canada (and labour relations) includes immigrants.

Larry Hubich said...


That's not it at all. I don't know how you read any such thing into my post.

My concern here, is if the individuals have been hired through the program, is the training adequate? Seems the person who Jack-knifed that semi, and almost killed a picketer was inadequately trained.

Unless he/she was just angry and out of control.

I like to feel that people driving big rigs down the highway have received appropriate and adequate training. And have not been rushed into a position behind the wheel just because of a stated "shortage of drivers".

Many immigrant workers in this country are facing exploitation, and the labour movement from coast to coast has stepped up to offer assistance to Temporary Foreign Workers and others in ensuring they are treated fairly, with dignity and respect, and receive all of the benefits and rights of being a citizen in this country.

Finally, are the companies who bring in these workers providing adequate training, or are they cutting corners?

I don't want a school bus full of kids killed because somebody is in a hurray to get an inadequately trained trucker on the road - do you?

Mike The Greek said...


As the son of an immigrant, I find your last comment appalling. It is racist and bigoted, despite your claims otherwise.

I have a screenshot of the page.

There is nothing at all in the video that would suggest the person driving the truck is an immigrant. What would cause you to make such a callous comment?

I will be asking questions about it in the new year to see if there was a human rights violations on your blog.

Larry Hubich said...


My family immigrated here too from Europe.

If you could read (which you obviously can't) - I inserted a quote from the YouTube descriptor page. These are not my words.

Follow this link to find the source:

If you weren't so full of hatred for me you might actually be able to find some of the material I provide on this blog useful to you.

I have been very tolerant of your personal attacks and slanderous and libelous statements, but I must admit - I am growing weary of it all.

And while you're at the Human Rights Commission - ask them about the stuff you've written on your blog.

If you would like copies of all of the comments you've made on my blog - I can provide them to you as well.

Mike The Greek said...

Ahh, Larry,

Where to begin...

First of all, I hate no one. I do despise most of your positions however.

Occasionally there is a tidbit of information on here that helps me to understand the left side of the spectrum, but more often than not this blog (and others like it) are nothing more than an extention of a percieved class warfare battle you are trying to wage.

Look up up the terms libelous and slanderous for me, would you? Or get Larry Kowalchuk to do it on your behalf. Then lay my comments over the legal definitions. There's nothing there.

If something had been said of that nature, you would have already started a suit. But I know boundaries. There's nothing libelous in my statements. And can you give me one example of me speaking about you in public? (That would be the slander part).

Just because someone printed something objectionable, the courts and HR have ruled against another person posting the same idea, even though it didn't originate from the person (see Bill Whatcott and that little mention of the Book of Leviticus). So your argument that it didn't originate with you had held no water to cite prededent.

Part of the tactic of the left is the threat of the lawsuit, the complaint to the regulatory agency, the charter challenge. Then you can say to your members and to unthinking drones of the MSM that you've complained.

The complaint is front page news. The dismissal is always A-14.

I know the game.

Larry, if you can't stand the blogosphere get out of the kitchen. If you're going to takes a stance that recently 52% of the voting public voted against, you're going to get some blowback.

Your entire stance, both during this election has been adversarial to the Sask Party.

You were sending out all sorts of union propaganda advising union members not to vote for the Sask Party. Despite that, they still won.

(One might wonder what value you do indeed bring to the table when the Sask Party really don't need your votes anyway.)

You have called their moves "a war on labour" before understanding the process or actually viewing the document.

You disrespectfully call the Labour Minister by the wrong name on your blog after meeting with him. How utterly childish.

All you want to do is try to take the Saskies down, regardless of whether this new legislation is good for all of Saskatchewan, as opposed to just the union brass. But I've got news for you Larry. When this legislation passes, your pals in the NDP won't change it back if they get back in power. The horse is already out of the barn. The results will mean more investment and more workers in SK, and even your membership will grow. Imagine that.

I'm just taking a page out of your playbook, Larry.

I'll make a deal with you Larry. I'll stop commenting negatively on your blog when you try starting to work with the new government in trying to make this a better place to live. That isn't done by bloviating and hyperbole. That's done by actually trying to work with this new government and not saying one thing on your blog and another in the media.

Are you up to that? And next time you're in town. I'll even buy you coffee...

Larry Hubich said...


I finally figured out what the burr under your saddle was respecting your angry rants and allegations that I was being disrespectful to the Minister because I didn't know his name.

An innocent typo in a December 7 posting where I typed "Rod" instead of "Rob". I fixed it. I hope you feel better now. Interesting that you never twigged to the fact that there was no typo in his name in my December 3 posting. Take a Valium, man.

Wow, if I blew my cork like that every time somebody spelled my name Hubick instead of Hubich, and then accused them doing it on purpose and of being disrespectful I would be in my grave by now - dead from a heart attack.

I think I'll pass on the offer of the coffee though - thanks just the same. I'm not confident I would get out of there without taking a punch in the mouth.

I hope you are able to relax over the holidays, I think it would be beneficial.

Mike The Greek said...


I have to admit, you play the game well. A punch in the mouth? From who? Are you a lousy tipper? I said I was going to buy...

Come up from the kiddie's table, Larry. People can have disagreements without it being anything more. Too bad you can't think in those terms. Then again it explains a lot about your entire approach...

As for the name thing, I really dislike name calling. As a matter of fact, I even corrected your name in the comments on the Sean in Sask blog. They were calling you Hubrich.

But you see Larry, I don't think your mistake was all that unintentional. It's a modus operandi thing. I could be wrong. But it's just one of the many things I disagree with you about.

I will have a great Christmas and I'm sure we'll chat again in the New year.

All the best.

Larry Hubich said...


Wow. I'm done with you. Talk about a conspiracy theorist.

If you are going to continue to believe, insist and make allegations that typing "Rod" instead of "Rob" was planned, intentional and calculated then enjoy the one-sided conversations.

Keep shouting into that phone - the other end is hanging up.

Sean S. said...

actually it was just he, and yes I did fix it as disrespect meant Larry.

Mike can tend towards good comments once in awhile, but his utter hate and contempt for anything not within his world view is obvious. I am surprised of your poise given his comments over the past couple of months and commend you for it.

Richard said...

Watched the video. Was nothing to indicate that driver was an immigrant. Did see a picketer "fall into" the truck though...

Amazing how the unions try to get away with that crap. Probably wasn't too bright of them to post the video but I digress...

Automatically assuming that poor drivers are immigrants is extremely racist and you should be ashamed of yourself...

Unknown said...

Larry asked: 'I don't want a school bus full of kids killed because somebody is in a hurray to get an inadequately trained trucker on the road - do you?'

No, I would not, but nor would I jump to conclusions about the ethnicity of a driver.

I also would NOT want a unionized 25 percent of a workforce making decisions for the other 75 percent. 50 percent plus one is democracy, anything less is not.

Mike The Greek said...


Hate and contempt are strong words. I think they probably fit more in your world view than mine...

Merry Christmas!

Mike The Greek said...


Speaking of conspiracy theorists.. a punch in the mouth? Where did you come up with that?

Have a good Christmas break...

percyq said...

Dominatrix Kate says jump and mindless cretins like the greek and richard ask how high? How truly pathetic. Try reading the post, Mike, before you embarrass yourself further.

Mike The Greek said...

I was here before Kate linked. I saw the racist remark way before her.

Larry's blog is on my "must read" list....

Richard_Cranium said...

Few simple rules of life. If you play with the bull, you could get the horn. If you jump into a pool you will likely get wet. And if you picket in traffic, you just might get hit. It never ceases to amaze me how, when a union pickets, most of the laws that would normally result in tickets or arrest, are kinda forgotten about.

RoadBoss said...

The union picketers are fools. Do you think for one moment your insurance company will pay off on damages that were caused by you picketing in an unsafe manner? Check the fine print on your policy. It will say you are NOT to put yourself and or vehicle in any forseeable danger. Or something to that effect anyway, every policy is differant. So, when you cry foul that the big bad trucker ran over your car, too bad, your insurance company will say you used it as an obsticle during a labour dispute and will refuse to pay off. Same goes for personal injury, but know what your doing....right?

Unknown said...

I agree, like City of Regina bylaws with respect to signage and parking during the Sobey's strike. That big purple bus and the people it contained flouted many a bylaw. Rules only apply when Unions want them too.

Joe Nixon said...


You are aware that immigrants aren't necessarily of a different race. That assumption is actually a racist statement. How is it that you are so capable of generating seemingly intelligent statements, despite ignoring obvious facts. A true gift you have.