Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Big companies wield too much power, says poll

The following article ran in the January 2, 2008 issue of the Regina Leader-Post:
"OTTAWA -- The majority of the world's most informed, engaged and connected citizens believe large corporations have too much influence over government decisions and wield more power than governments, according to a poll conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs.

The survey found 74 per cent of respondents believe companies have too much influence over governments, while 69 per cent agreed that large companies are more powerful than governments."
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Arnie De Vaan said...

Without a doubt in my mind the corporations wields to much power within our government and in their strong lobby efforts. Some corporations are so large that they can affect national economies and have the ability to financially shut countries down. This means that small countries must bow down to them or suffer their wrath. And larger countries are also foced to be shaped and molded. Sometimes this has been surrounded by murder as in the Colombia story. Here in North America things such as Free Trade and Nafta have brought about huge social changes. We have seen the transfer of wealth by necessity to survive make the gap between rich and poor wider yet. The average family, has seen their disposable income drop, due to the changes in policy of the government brought on to suit the corporation. It is a shame that my children won't grow up in the more relaxed world that I did. One need only ask who were the WTO and who enlisted them and for what purpose to know the strength and power of the corporation on the government.

Arnie De Vaan