Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Wall heads to Ottawa a changed man - Mandryk

I thought Leader-Post political columnist Murray Mandryk did a particularly good job of the column he wrote in today's (Jan. 9, 2008) edition:
"Wall heads to Ottawa a changed man
Murray Mandryk, The Leader-Post
Published: Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Whether a job automatically changes a man is debatable.

What it clearly does do, however, is change a man's view on matters. Witness the evolution of one Brad Wall on the topic of equalization:"
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HankR said...

What does this have to do with the SFL's mandate, Larry?

You want to be consulted on labour issues, but cannot wait to repost every Sask Party cheap shot.

Why should they talk to you about anything?

Larry Hubich said...

Dear Mr. Insider,

Thank you for participating in this blog.

And, what is the SFL's mandate from your perspective?

I didn't know that Mr. Mandryk's article was a Sask Party cheap shot. How is that?

Actually, they are talking to me on certain matters - I had a cordial and very professional meeting yesterday with the Minister of Enterprise and Innovation, the Honourable Lyle Stewart.

Jason Rattray said...

Actually I believe that Mr. Wall's flippity floppity on the issue of equalization is the cheap shot towards the intelligence of the people of Saskatchewan. Mandryk simply pointed it out. Mr. Insider, tell Mr. Wall to smarten up because we are not fooled.