Thursday, 3 January 2008

Does the Saskatchewan Government Think We're Stupid

Go to the Saskatchewan Government Web-site (Labour Section) which is now buried deep in the Department of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour and see how easy it is to find reference to the Trade Union Act, The Construction Industrial Relations Act, The Workers Compensation Act or The Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board.

Click this link:

Do you believe the fact there are no "Quick Links" or "Shortcuts" to these particular Important Pieces of worker legislation and agencies prominently displayed on the first page is an innocent oversight?

I don't. It's deliberate, it's anti-worker, it's anti-union, and it's vindictive.

So much for "Reaching Out to Labour"!


Anonymous said...

Maybe we need a Sask Labour Legislation website created by the People for the People...blogs are soooo easy...

Armand Roy said...

I am in the process of reading "The Shock Doctrine" by Naomi Klein and I see what is happening to Sask is another form of the same thing. Here is what I see occuring:

1) In your first year of governing bring in every kind of repressive legislation you can. Get the population used to it. Make them think it is the norm. Attack Labour - the Unofficial Opposition, Then attack Health Care (essential services legislation) and why not at the same time attack the rest of labour's stronghold.

2) Then you go after education and privatize it. But only after you create some form of disaster which leaves everyone in "Shock" so you can make excuses as to why you have done it.

3) Create an independant, undemocratic. self serving, corporate entity without accountability to run the province while you plead innocence to anything that is attacked. You find fall guys within the organization to take the blame - oh yeah the labour representative. Its always their fault.

In the second year you have already taken most of the heat and you have appealed to the most uneducated and appeased the wealthiest of Saskatchewan society even if the rest are screaming in the halls.

By the third year everyone has gotten used to the rhetoric and are now believing its modern to think their way. (Unions are the bain of society).

By the fourth year you are ready for election and if you haven't fixed it you will.

One only has to look south to understand how real this is.

We truly need new tactics to offset this shock treatment. Protests only feed their greedy frenzy. It proves their methods work.

What Wall is doing is applying the same principles without a 9/11 or a Katrina. He is doing it with the disaster that has faced the Saskatchewan farm community for the last 30 years. And they have bought into it. Shock treatment - starve them into submission while corporations take over their land. Big Sky, Cargil, etc.

David said... guys are pretty loopy.

David said...

It's deliberate, it's anti-worker, it's anti-union, and it's vindictive.

You forgot "irrelevant."

Injured and Abused said...

If you think you have it so BAD you should try being an injured worker in this province. Workers Con-penation should be the word of the day....Injured workers are being abused and mistreated by everyone, if you think this is funny, I hope you suffer a work injury like I have so you can see for yourself! Here is what happens, WCB and their Medical advisor's team up to convolute the medical information so as they can then state, IT'S ONLY MINOR and you should have recovered. I advise you to go to and look around that site to fully understand what is really happening here in Saskcanuckastan, injured workers who have suffered a work injury and need medical intervention are not getting it...
Calvert didn't care, and know Wall doesn't care either. Our medical system is know rated #38 in world opinion, I'd rate it at the bottom if WCB is involved as they practise their BAD FAITH INSURANCE program just to save money and actually laugh at injured workers who they have denied benefits.