Sunday, 27 January 2008

Political Firings in Saskatchewan - Another Analysis

Wander on over to the "Owls and Roosters Blog" and read a new entry entitled:

"Deputy Premier Ken Krawetz says firings about towing the party line, more to come; Premier Brad Wall betrays own words from Aug. 2007 letter"

Its an analysis and commentary about the recent Political Firings carried out by the new Sask. Party Government including the full text of Brad Wall's pre-election (Aug. 30, 2007), letter to the editor respecting the topic of firings in the civil service following elections.

It can be argued that there are some serious contradictions between what was said, and what's been done.

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Richard_Cranium said...

Larry, I worked for a crown for over 32 years, and when the Devine government was ousted, so were many of the political appointees. People who were not partisan, and got to where they got by hard work were fine. "Friends" that are parachuted in to replace those fired know they will not be fine when there is a government change. This is a non partisan statement that I think happens federally and provincially regardless of who was or is in power. zpmsq