Thursday, 24 January 2008

70 Sask. civil servants being dismissed, minister says

If you don't share the same philosophy as the new Premier - YOU'RE FIRED!

CBC Saskatchewan Website runs the following story:

70 Sask. civil servants being dismissed, minister says

The story reads (emphasis added):
"Krawetz said people were being evaluated individually, on their ability to do the job, and on whether they share the same philosophy as the new premier."

Regina Leader-Post coverage.


Gary S said...

What philosophy? Wall has a wish list from his financial backers that substitutes for political policy. He has claimed to be inspired by Johnny Fever (a fictional DJ in a 1980s American sitcom)and *get this* Abraham Lincoln. The guy has all the personality of a paper cup and he thinks that his employees should all think like him or hit the trail! This is quite the role model for Saskatchewan youngsters!

plainjoe said...

and the world is as it should double standards....rid the gov't of the hanger-ons and dead beats

sundula said...

I was out of work when this new government was sworn in. I accepted that I would be when I accepted a position working for our former Premier. Who's next? Will anyone who has ever voted or knows someone who is NDP be fired? Do our civil servants have no democratic rights? this is disgraceful.

David said...

these are partisan employees. It happens every election larry.

Larry Hubich said...

Oh David, I'm just linking the stories and pointing out facts. I'm not writing the articles I link.

As for these just being partisan employees - not according to Mandryk:

or here:

Ryan said...

read through Mandryks article, read through the reasons that Krawetz gave, and have been following the new sk party for years, the people of this province should start to worry, really worry very soon.
this is starting to remind me of the frog in a cool pot of water story, I think the temperature of the burner just went up