Sunday, 27 April 2008

Canada Post CEO suing Union over Blog Posting

Talk about a thin skin. Looking for a good laugh?

Canada Post CEO, Moya Greene is suing past Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) President, Deborah Bourque for libel over a satirical blog posting.

You can read all about it on the CUPW Blog site at: Moya Greene Sees Red – Gives Notice under Libel and Slander Act.

Tim Naumetz of the Canadian Press has written about the subject at: Canada Post, its union and Tim Hortons tangled in libel suit.


Arnie De Vaan said...

This one is just plain hilarious............Imagine paying a lawyer to investigate slander on this....Moya I hope that its your money that you are spending, I would hate to see a raise in postage over this trivial pursuit....and if it is your money you must be getting paid way too much to deliver our mail and then to moonlight with Timmy on Moya that's just plain If it is CPC money maybe the public should launch a miss spending suit.

Arnie De Vaan

the regina mom said...

What's with all the trivial lawsuits by honchos as of late? Are they designed to make the real suits also look trivial?

I mean, it's one thing to challenge a government on laws look very much unconstitutional, but it's another thing entirely, to sue for slander or libel over something rather trivial, don't you think?

Larry Hubich said...

Thanks Arnie and Mom,

I think it's referred to as "libel chill". - File a suit, no matter how trivial, in expectation that it will silence your critics.

The organizer said...

Well Well this his a usual bully tactic of Canada Post!

Mrs Green is such a strong believer of compasion and comunication... but really this prove she has no sense of humor.And really if you're not worth a good laugh...

Perhaps the lawsuit is consequence of a sugar rush

The organizer

Comme see me at ;

Gerry Mattia said...

What next? Prison 'tattoos'? Anyone catch the news conference Bev Ray, "President" of Edmonton CUPW, gave sporting a piercing in the center of her bottom lip? Not to mention that a person in her position should represent CUPW in a more professional manner (especially while giving a news conference that is broadcasted over the country). In a day when we already know that, over time, lip piercings cause irreparable damage -- while we try to teach our children that, this "professional" is promoting it. Anyone really disgusted by this self-absorbed display can leave their thoughts on CUPW's site, in the left column "Contact the local":

Anonymous said...

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