Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sask Premier Wall Serves Notice To Sue The Canadian Press Over Headline On Video Story

"REGINA — Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has advised The Canadian Press he intends to sue the national news agency for defamation for a headline it ran on a story featuring controversial comments he made on a home-movie videotape made more than 16 years ago.

"The headline of the article is false and defamatory of Premier Wall and, given the breadth of its publication, is likely to result in significant damage to Premier Wall's reputation," says the letter from the premier's lawyers, dispatched Friday to The Canadian Press.
-Canadian Press"

h/t to Buckdog


leftdog said...
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leftdog said...

Thanks for the hat tip. A couple of questions remain with this story. Is Wall suing in his capacity as the Premier of Saskatchewan? If yes, legal costs will all be carried by the taxpayers. If no, is his Saskatchewan Party paying the legal bills - or is he doing this as a private citizen out of his own pocket.

The public has a right to know. If I am paying for Wall to sue Canadian Press, I don't want my tax dollars used for his personal little snit. If his party is paying for it, well, we know that it is all about politics.

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Werner said...

This is funny. Just attempting to sue the Canadian Press will make Wall look like more of a fool ... if that's possible. (When even Murray Mandrake tells Lukiwski to resign that's something.) The scariest thing about conservatives in Saskatchewan is their generally low intelligence. A simple minded dictator is always more brutal than a "normal(ish)" one.