Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Premier's Letter Misrepresents Consultation with Labour

On April 16, 2008, Sask. Party Premier Brad Wall wrote to the Chair of the Regina Labour Council Political Action Committee to advise that he (the Premier) would not be able to attend the Labour Council's public forum/debate on Bills 5 and 6. (See letter here)

The letter attempts to leave the impression that the government has engaged the labour movement in extensive consultation around the Bills. It refers to alleged meetings held with the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, with leaders of the labour movement, and with me specifically. Some of those meetings never occurred as suggested, and if they did occur - the portrayal of the purpose, and content of the meetings is false.

Representatives of the government have consistently refused to meet with labour on these matters, and have refused to attend public forums to discuss them with the people who will be affected.

On April 22, 2008 I wrote to the Premier expressing my deep concern about the misrepresentations contained in his letter. (See letter here)


HankR said...

Geez, you're sounding really angry Larry.

If I was them, I probably wouldn't want to talk with you either.

Maybe you should tone it down a notch. You know what they say about flies and vinegar.

Unless of course, you want animosity between labour and the Sask Party for your own reasons...

Larry Hubich said...

Hi Hankr,

Actually, I can extend all of the olive branches you want. In order for that to work there needs to be someone at the other end prepared to receive it. Which there isn't.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

You know, if I had written a letter like the one the Premier signed and sent to the Regina Labour Council you would be on this blog calling me a liar.

Maybe our "contrite" Premier didn't really mean it when he said he wanted to do better following his "mia culpa" in the legislature over "the tape".

I was in the gallery that day. I thought he was sincere. I guess I was wrong.

Thanks for your comments.

HankR said...


I really believe that you don't want to resolve anything. I just think you want to fight.

What on earth does a 17 year old video have to do with Bills 5 & 6? Can you not control yourself and NOT take a poke at the Saskies every time you mention them?

It's really quite sad. You could be really be contributing to Saskatchewan in these boom times, but you insist on using 1950's adversarial tactics.

And the biggest losers as a result of your methodology are union members and working families.

I feel pity for you, Larry. Maybe it's time for you to move on...

Trent said...


I have been a member of unions here in Saskatchewan, remember? I know that if a union members car doesn’t start on a cold day it is blamed on the “right wing conspiracy”. So don't try and sell that "olive branch" line, ok? The SFL has spent the last 16 years slamming the NDP’s, political opponents every chance you get, and now that the Socialist party has lost power, and it looks like you or I will never see them in power again, you say you have extended olives branches. When? When you gave millions of dollars to the socialists? When you relentlessly ran negative attack ads about them?
The truth is that in the 1960's the CCF and the Labour party in Canada merged, because neither one had any real success on their own, and the unions have been loyal soldiers ever since. When I was a union member I was quite vocal about the need for unions to stay out of politics and religion, and I still believe that.
If the SFL wants to associate with the NDP and act like a political party, expect your chosen opponents to treat as such.