Friday, 11 April 2008

Fire them first - ask questions later

On March 6, 2008 the mean-spirited Sask. Party government walked into the Labour Relations Board in the middle of a hearing and fired the Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Board, and replaced the three of them with 1 hand-picked Chair.

This mean-spirited and vindictive knee-jerk action by the new government is rapidly becoming their trade mark in how they deal with people that they determine they don't like.

Their action was so ill-conceived that it actually violated the Trade Union Act (the very Act which the Board is legislated to administer and uphold). These actions have been soundly condemned by the organization representing over 300 labour lawyers across Canada.

In an attempt to try and partially correct their blunder, yesterday (April 10 - over a month later) the Sask. Party government introduced, yet another amendment to the Trade Union Act - "Bill 24". It's a very short Bill that achieves one thing - it tries to cover-up the mistake. (see below)
2 Subsection 4(1) of The Trade Union Act is amended by adding "not more than" before "two vice-chairpersons".


Trent said...

Larry, after witness the heavy handed way inwhich the SLB handled case and seeing Leo Lancaster screaming at a complantiant, I don't think their firing was unjust. If anything it was overdue.

Larry Hubich said...


I am not familiar with the case to which you are referring.

And, for the record - Mr. Lancaster is a "employer-side" LRB representative who was nominated for appointment by emloyers and their organizations.

As far as I'm aware, he has not had his term cancelled and still sits.

Trent said...

Larry, about a 2 months ago I got into detail about the Leo Lancaster screaming case. And Leo has a life time connection with the NDP. The man has never owned a business in his life, yet he was chosen by the NDP to represent employers.
If you care to dig up the audio tape in the Lalonde vs. Carpenters Union, I am sure you can get consent to broadcast it. But I don't think you or anyone else wants that audio file being released.