Wednesday, 2 April 2008

When all else fails: LIE

Reproduced below is an e-mail that was recently received by a citizen in Saskatoon who wrote to Sask. Party MLA Serge LeClerc regarding the Brad Wall government's anti-worker, anti-democratic labour legislation - Bills 5 & 6.

The modus operandi for this new government seems to be "When all else fails: LIE"

From: Saskatoon Northwest []
Sent: Mon 24/03/2008 10:07 AM
To: Craig
Subject: Response from Serge LeClerc-Bill 5 & 6

Dear Craig;

The Sask Party Government, and myself, feel that Bills 5 & 6 are extremely important pieces of legislation intended for the well being for people of Saskatchewan, and as well speaks to the true fairness that should exist in a democratic country/province. These Bills are also essential for the growth and sustainability of the economy of this province for the financial benefit of all of our citizens - now and in the future.

One bill speaks to essential services legislation which every other province and jurisdiction in Canada has and all we are doing is proposing to implement the best practices that exist in the rest of Canada so that our citizens are protected and not used as pawns in a power struggle over wages: ie snow plow operators going on job action just before a snow storm. This essential services legislation is balanced and fair using as a guideline the best practices what the other provinces currently have in place for their citizens. We are the only province in Canada that does not have this legislation, and we are the only province that puts union/employee/company/crown corporation bargaining ahead of the required mandated safety of its citizens which should and must be utmost for government to insure.

The second bill speaks to the certification and decertification of unions by the employees who they impact. Again, this legislation exists in every other province and jurisdiction in Canada and we have proposed the best practices that currently exist in the rest of Canada. Simply put, it will require democracy to be implemented in the certification, or decertification, process of a union by requiring ballot instead of an open vote during which a person can be bullied, threatened, or intimidated - secret ballot is the mainstead and foundation of all democracies and Saskatchewan is the only province which currently allows open vote. The legislation will also require a 45% vote for certification, or decertification, rather than the current 20% which again only exists in Saskatchewan. Most jursidictions in Canada and the USA require 50% plus 1 and so again, we think that this change is very reasonable and protective of our citizens in the workplace. Further, the legislation requires the best practice which exists throughout the rest of Canada that 50% plus 1 of the total work force within a company which is dealing with the possible certification or decertification of a union must be present for the secret ballot vote.....again, proper protections for all workers in the workplace and true democracy.

Thank you for your interest in Bills 5 & 6 and I trust that my comments on them have put perspective on our belief of the importance of passing these pieces of legislation for the full benefit of all of the people of Saskatchewan and for our future generations.

Respectfully yours,

Serge LeClerc, MLA

Saskatoon Northwest
Legislative Secretary: Corrections

Ryan Long

Constituency Assistant to
Serge LeClerc, MLA
Saskatoon Northwest
934-2867 (fax)


HankR said...

Can you point out the lie(s), Larry?

Larry Hubich said...

It's loaded with lies.

The second and third paragraphs are completely and totally inaccurate.

Read it, read the legislation, and read what exists in other jurisdictions.

What is being described in this letter is simply Not True!

HankR said...


Please elaborate. What do the bills say differently than what this Sask Party MLA claims?

Are the percentages off? Are the bills going to do other things than are claimed?

I see two different things; facts and opinions. Are the facts misleading?

We need your guidance.

Larry Hubich said...


Thank you for participating in this blog.

My apologies for not being more specific and comprehensive in my previous reply. I will endeavour to get a more detailed reply to your question posted as soon as possible.

I have a very full day ahead of me, and as a result it may not be until later this evening - or early tomorrow morning.

Thanks again.

Larry Hubich said...


Below is a more detailed explanation of the inaccuracies contained in the e-mail letter from LeClerc.

From the 2nd paragraph:

1. Every other province and jurisdiction does NOT have essential services legislation. That is a false statement.

2. The Sask. Party's legislation is not “the best practices that exist in the rest of Canada”. Even their own documents admit that the proposed Sask. Legislation is broadest and most sweeping of any other similar legislation in Canada.

3. The snow plow example has been completely and totally discredited. SGEU members (who are snow plow operators) have always come off of a strike to clear highways when a blizzard hits during a strike – and they did so in the 2006 strike.

4. We (Saskatchewan) are NOT the “only province in Canada that does not have this legislation”. And we are NOT the “only province that puts union/employee/company/crown corporation bargaining ahead of the required mandatory safety”. These two statements are false.

From the 3rd paragraph:

1. He suggests that the government proposes to replace a “Open vote” system with a secret ballot. There is no “Open Vote” system for certification or decertification in Saskatchewan. There is a “card majority” system. There is also a “secret ballot” system in place for many matters under the Saskatchewan Trade Union Act.

2. Saskatchewan does not allow “Open Vote” – there is no such system – the statement is false.

3. The legislation will not require a 45% vote for certification as he suggests. The legislation will require a 50% plus 1 vote for certification. The current legislation requires demonstrated support of 50% plus 1 for certification.

4. He suggests that the current legislation provides for 20% for certification – that is false. There is no such provision in the Saskatchewan Trade Union Act, never has been, and there is absolutely no reference to a 20% number. The statement is false.

5. In Canada there are 11 jurisdictions for certifying unions. 10 provinces and the Canada Labour Code (Federal). 6 of them provide for certification on the basis of a “card majority” including Sask. The other 5 require a mandatory vote on every application for certification.

6. Under the current law, in order for a union to be certified in the Province of Saskatchewan the union must demonstrate support of “at least 50% plus 1”. To suggest anything else is a false.

The letter is loaded inaccuracies, false statements, and outright lies.