Thursday 10 April 2008

If it's good enough for farmers, it's good enough for workers

Today (April 10, 2008) the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour issued a news release applauding the Sask. Party government for conducting public meetings respecting Crop Insurance.

Worker’s Deserve Public Consultations

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) applauds the provincial government’s announcement that they will conduct ten public meetings across the province this spring to discuss an overhaul of Saskatchewan Crop Insurance.

“It is important that farmers will have an opportunity to have input into the overhaul of this program which is of vital importance to them”, said SFL President Larry Hubich. “Crop Insurance is vital to farmers and they should be consulted”.

“It’s interesting to contrast this consultation process against the lack of meaningful public consultation when it comes to developing new labour laws (Bills 5 & 6) that are important to all Saskatchewan workers”, Hubich said.

Hubich stated “Labour has asked the Premier, the Labour Minister and other MLA’s to meet on Bills 5 and 6 and to participate in public debates on these issues. To date no elected government members have stepped forward. They are ignoring the workers of our province on these matters”.

“I once again call on the government to abandon Bills 5 & 6 and conduct public hearings or public debates so that we can discuss this legislation in an open, respectful and thoughtful manner. Legislation that affects citizens, whether labour laws or crop insurance, should have broad public consultation. We know that farmers deserve and appreciate being involved – workers deserve the same courtesy and respect”.

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