Monday, 28 April 2008

Why BIlls 5 and 6 Matter

Jaime Garcia, 2nd Vice President & Youth Chair for Local 397 of the Canadian Office and Professional Employees union has a great commentary posted on the COPE 397 Website entitled: Why Bills 5 and 6 Matter.

"Why Bills 5 and 6 Matter

Many people misunderstand or are not aware of how Bills 5 and 6 will affect them. Frankly, some people don’t even care. But beware of apathy.

I have to admit, I have friends and family in the apathetic camp. I am not surrounded of “union” types, the “politically correct” crowd and the partisans typically supporting a wide range of causes. I am just like anyone else and even within my family there are people with different opinions in the vast political range.

So why should you care about Bills 5 and 6? Honestly, I can’t tell why you should care, but I will tell you why it matters to me:"
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