Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I think I'll recommend myself for a new $180,000 a year job

StarPhoenix Legislative reporter James Wood in his covering of yesterday's Sask. Party government's credibility fiasco writes a very interesting article in today's Regina Leader-Post entitled: Sask Party slammed for "biased" legal help.

The article covers two items - the appointment of the new Labour Relations Board Chair, and the special consultations being offered to certain business groups under the guise of "extra legal advice" from a well known management-side labour lawyer.

From Wood's article:
"The government acknowledged that its recently appointed chair of the labour relations board had been a lawyer to the government's transition team, which put his name forward for the board post, and that an outside lawyer had been hired to provide legal advice to the minister responsible for the government's labour agenda." (read more....)

Meanwhile, veteran Leader-Post political columnist, Murray Mandryk (who appears to still need to be convinced that the labour law changes being proposed are absolutely unnecessary and are based in rhetoric not reality) wrote the following:
"Unfortunately for the government, its handling of these issues -- especially the essential services legislation -- has not only been a huge distraction, but also something that has done serious damage to this young government's credibility." (read more....)
Your can read the balance of Mandryk's column here: Making hard work of labour changes.

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