Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Sask Party government prepared to break the law for purely ideological reasons?

Today (March 12, 2008) the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour issued a News Release entitled: Laws Don’t Stop Wall: SFL.
The news release calls into question the legality of a recent Government of Saskatchewan Cabinet Order (Order In Council) which terminates 3 members (1 Chair and 2 Vice-Chairs) of the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board (SLRB) and replaces those 3 individuals with only 1 Chair.

The Order in Council clearly violates Section 4(1) of the Saskatchwan Trade Union Act which establishes the SLRB and stipulates that the Lieutenant Governor in Council (Cabinet) "shall name a chairperson and two vice-chairpersons of the board" and that there "..shall continue to be a board known as the Labour Relations Board".

Why would anybody want to move to a province where the government is prepared to break the law in order to strip away workers basic, fundamental, and charter rights?


Robert Pitzel said...

Take them to task I say. The Sask Party will continue to push and bully their way towards their goals until no end. Besides, now there is no way out for the Sask Party without losing face to labour. Brad Wall would rather eat his own shoe then lose this "war" Mr. Wall has declared.

Mike The Greek said...

If the Premier can break the law by letting his daughter drive at age 14, I think he will probably have no problem changing the format of the LRB to one vice-chair.

The SFL needs to be worried.