Monday, 24 March 2008

Mounties zap details from Taser reports as firings soar across Canada

How is this acceptable in a modern democracy?

"Mounties zap details from Taser reports as firings soar across Canada

By Jim Bronskill And Sue Bailey, THE CANADIAN PRESS

OTTAWA - The RCMP is stripping crucial details about Taser firings from public reports as use of the controversial stun guns skyrockets across the country.

A joint investigation by The Canadian Press and CBC found the Mounties are now refusing to divulge key information that must be recorded each time they draw their electronic weapons." (read more....)

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ladybroadoak said...

I have an entire FILE On tasers.

These things are not tested properly, have design flaws, are FATAL in the wrong hands which includes most everyone's, the public policy on them totally messed, there is NO SUCH thing as "excited delirium", are tested on animals as exposed by PETA, and are going to be a big line item in the Omnibus Crime Bill brought to you by the neocons (and then there's of course even more). We gave no idea if the use of tasers will result in medical mayhem in a few years time for those who suffer after effects.

We do know, that Michael Mukasey's son, Marc, is the primary beneficiary of the financial windfall off governments buying them and that he is OF COUNSEL To Taser International.

They ARE implements of torture to be used increasingly on the marginalized in N. America and other great places in the anglo US empire, if we allow it.

If you find a party who will actually sit down and right a party platform about these AND stun belts, you know where to find me. Stun belts are already used on the unfortunate detainees when going to illegal military tribunals, and we watch to see if Omar Khadr gets put in one.

I remain convinced that the death in BC was meant to get people afraid, very afraid, much as 9/11 was used.

Are you watching Stockwell Day really closely these days? I sure am.