Thursday, 20 March 2008

Saskatchewan workers are essential 365 days a year

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) have launched "Essential 365". Saskatchewan workers are essential 365 days a year. Check it out by clicking here.


Unknown said...

Essential 365*

*except when we feel the need to strike

Larry Hubich said...


Thank you for participating in this blog.

Actually, what the Sask. Party government is proposing with their anti-worker, anti-democratic legislation is that these workers are "only essential" when the employer (and the government) decide that they want to strip away their constitutional and charter rights.

For the rest of the time - just suck it up and do your job. Work short staffed, work without proper equipment, cut corners, and it if you have other plans, we'll force you to come to work instead of attending your kids baseball game by assigning you to "mandatory overtime".

Read Rosalee Longmoore's Letter to the Editor , you should start seeing it in the papers soon.