Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Setting the record straight

I think it is important to set the record straight regarding efforts by the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) to foster a relationship of mutual respect, consultation and cooperation with the current Sask. Party government.

On November 7, 2007, the Sask. Party was elected to form government in the province of Saskatchewan under the leadership of now Premier Brad Wall.

On November 14, 2007 - I wrote to Premier Wall, congratulating him on his victory. See that letter here.

On November 21, 2007 - I wrote a further letter to Premier Wall on my own behalf and on behalf of organizations representing thousands of Saskatchewan citizens offering to meet with the Premier, his Cabinet and Caucus for the purposes of working with the new government in the further development of our province. See that letter here.

For reasons known only to the Premier, and his cabinet and caucus - they are not prepared to meet with us.

We (the SFL) have, since day 1, been prepared to work with the new government in a cooperative, productive and respectful manner. The government has shown little sign of being interested in such an approach. In fact, many of the government's actions are a direct attack on basic and fundamental, constitutional and human rights of working women and men in this province.

The government refuses to engage in meaningful consultation with working people and their organizations about legislative intiatives that directly impact on the Charter Rights of a significant segment of the citizenry.

The choices about what type of industrial relations and labour relations climate will exist in Saskatchewan are being made by Premier Brad Wall and the Sask. Party government.


Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion Mr. Hubich: tell your member unions to represent their employees and not take political positions.

It is no secret that many of the unions that you represent through the SFL made use of the resources to promote the NDP.

You can't have it both ways, either you need to stop pursing an agenda that involves partisan politics with money that belongs to hard-working union members, or you need to accept that your 'enemy' doesn't have much use for your position after receiving a mandate from the people of Saskatchewan.

Your choice -- do you really care about 'labour' and working people, or are you all about protecting unions?

Larry Hubich said...

Mr. Fraud,

Thank you for participating in this blog.

Contrary to what you might believe, unions participate in the political process no differently than other organizations, like corporations (check out the list of corporate donors to political parties to confirm this - Who Controls Whom?). Donations of unions to political parties pale in comparison to how much corporations give.

The difference is, if members of a union do not want their union to be partisan, they can set that direction through the democratic structures of the union. If employees of a company do not want the company they work for to be partisan - too bad - they have no say.

85 percent of the SFL's affiliate unions are not affiliated to ANY political party. Election results and our own polling shows that our members vote for candidates from ALL political stripes.

The point of all this being - that it is irresponsible and undemocratic for a government, once elected, to ignore and actually politically assault those organizations and individuals that the government THINKS doesn't support them.

Can you imagine the outrage there would be if a different government was treating the Chamber of Commerce the way that the Sask. Party government is treating working people, and their organizations? We wouldn't hear the end of it.

It's not just me who has these views - the Supreme Court of Canada has said this, "Unions are essential to the proper functioning of a democracy".

We don't want special treatment - just equal treatment.

Abraham Lincoln put it well in describing democracy: "..by the people, of the people, and for the people." He didn't say - "by the corporations, of the corporations, and for the corporations."

Thanks again for your comments.

Mike The Greek said...


You're being disingenuous again.

"85 percent of the SFL's affiliate unions are not affiliated to ANY political party."

There's official support and then there's tacit support.

Almost every union sent out flyers last election to their memberships urging them to vote against the Sask Party. Can you deny that?

It seems as you have never wanted to work with this government Larry, whether you pretend to or not. Unless working with someone infers that they do everything you demand of them.

And because of that, it seems you've been shut out.

Can you blame them? You attack the Sask Party constantly in this blog. Your positions are well known. What else can you say that matters?

Until YOU start dealing openly and stop saying one thing and then go on the attack on your blog in the next minute, you cannot expect the same of them.

Then again, I don't think your intention is to get along. I think this wedge serves your purpose. And that doesn't serve your members. Which is really too bad for them...

Have a great day...

Matthew Bennett said...

Come on!

Look at the video with Rob Norris posted on your page. He is ridiculed, and defaced.

If this is the "cooperative, productive and respectful manner" that you are talking about NO WONDER, they won't meet with you!

BTW, I wouldn't meet with you either, you give me nightmares :(