Monday, 10 March 2008

Sask. Party government and Minister of Labour credibility destroyed

The credibility of both the Sask. Party government and the new part-time Minister of Labour (a.k.a. Minister of Advanced Education, Employment and Labour), have been destroyed by the recent crass politically motivated firings of the Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board. (SLRB).

Joe Kuchta, over at the Owls and Roosters blog has posted an entry today (March 10, 2008) that graphically illustrates how the Brad Wall government says one thing, and then does the exact opposite: Sask. Party fires Labour Relations Board chair and vice-chairs without cause; breaks election promise to provide more transparency in government.


spiffy said...

So how many firings does this add up to now?
So does the Sk. party think that they were voted in to fire all these people and that this was the mandate for change people voted for? Do the taxpayers realize that they ultimately are paying for all these severances - thousands and thousads of dollars? But oh we got a tax break on used car sales,no pst so its ok, even if our other tax dollars pay for all these people losing their jobs? No wonder Brad said right after the election that the financial situation was "stark", he was probably figuring in all the dismissals and the costs of severances.
Will they come clean about all these costs, if they were already trying to say that these latest 2 new appointments were based on merit not on political ties to their party?
Even Murray Mandryk is calling it like it is!

plainjoe said...

Yes the Sask. Party was elected to make change....

time to move the NDP hacks out of the Ivory Towers they built for themselves, and replace them with people who will work for the whole province not just a party.

get over yourselves, you lost the election.