Saturday, 8 March 2008

Sask Party government attempts to mislead the public

Following the recent firings of the Sask. Labour Relations Board (SLRB) Chair and Vice-Chairs - the Sask. Party government announced their choice of a new Chair for the SLRB. It will be Regina Lawyer, Ken Love.

In making the announcement, the Sask. Party government officials deliberately attempted to mislead Saskatchewan citizens about the background of the new Labour Relations Board Chair.

According to StarPhoenix reporters James Wood and Betty Ann Adam:
"Norris said Love had gone before the board "on both sides of issues," and a government press release touts Love as having represented both employees and employers before the labour board.

But Saskatchewan Federation of Labour president Larry Hubich said the federation could only find cases where Love's representation of employees involved attempts to decertify unions. Hubich said he will reserve judgment on Love's appointment, but the government is "not being honest" in its depiction of Love's background.

A government spokesperson confirmed Friday Love had never represented a union before the board."
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Veteran Leader-Post political columnist, Murray Mandryk, put it this way:
"labour's... assessment of Friday's new appointments is downright honest compared with the nonsense from Advanced Education, Employment and Labour Minister Rob Norris that Friday's appointments of new LRB chair Ken Love and new WCB chair David Eberle were strictly merit-based hirings. (Contrary to the disingenuous babble we got from Norris and the executive council communications branch that Love has represented both sides, he's almost exclusively been a management lawyer who hasn't represented workers unless it was to decertify a union.)" (full article here....)

Jennifer Graham with Canadian Press wrote in the Globe and Mail:
"Saskatchewan Federation of Labour president Larry Hubich said he is concerned that the government portrayed Mr. Love as someone who has represented both employers and employees.

"My research has revealed that he has only presented seven times in front of the Labour Relations Board in the last 20 years," Mr. Hubich said.

"And he has never once presented on behalf of a union. He's always been there opposing unionization."

Mr. Hubich said it makes him suspicious that "perhaps there is a political motivation behind this appointment."

Mr. Norris said the new appointments are based on merit."
(full article here....)

Why does the Brad Wall government feel it is necessary to be dishonest with the voters of Saskatchewan? What else are they trying to hide?


leftdog said...

Unfortunately, those who own the main stream media in this province will not report negatively on Wall - at least not for now. More and more people look to your blog and others to get their news. Person to person we must continue to tell our family and friends what is happening here.

We remember that Brad Wall used the words .. "going to war with Labour" not too very long ago.

If Wall wants a war with Labour, he may regret getting what he asked for.

Mike The Greek said...

I'm looking forward to the battle.