Thursday, 6 March 2008

Sask. Party fires Labour Relations Board Chair and Vice-Chairs

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) issued a news release today (March 6, 2008) upon hearing that the Sask. Party government has fired the Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board.


"The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour has learned that the Chair and Vice-Chairs of the Labour Relations Board were terminated, effective immediately, this afternoon in the middle of a hearing in Regina. ....

.... “Terminating the Vice-Chairs and the Chair of the LRB in the middle of a hearing is like walking into a courtroom and firing the judge, effective immediately, in the middle of a trial. To fire these adjudicators summarily, without notice, shows a complete lack of respect for those individuals and for the labour relations community,” said Hubich."
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leftdog said...

What an absolutely sloppy way to do something so extreme!

From what I understand from listening to the media, the government hasn't even put a spokesperson forward as of Thursday evening to respond to questions. Government sources apparently indicated they will make 'someone' available on Friday!!

So on top of 'sloppy' and 'extreme' you can add ... 'arrogant'!

Gary S said...

On what grounds were those LRB terminations made?
Since when is "We just feel like we don't want you around here anymore,"
grounds for dismissal? The Wall government has already admitted to
dismissing civil servants "without cause". Now it's starting to like that
sensation of power, broadcasting the message to bad bosses everywhere: "Go
ahead and run off anyone you don't like. See, we'll show you how it's done".
Easy to do when you're using taxpayers' dollars to pay the penalty, but not
so easy to explain.