Monday, 7 April 2008

HYPOCRITES! Every last one of them!

Kathy Young, Premier Brad Wall & Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski in 1991 video

Wander over to the "Owls and Roosters Blog" for the best analysis, so far, of the now infamous 1991 Saskatchewan Conservative Hate Video.

Blog owner, Joe Kuchta does a masterful job of chronicling the double standard and hypocrisy of members of the Sask. Party, members of the Federal Conservatives, and of other right-wing political operatives and their supporters.

He also challenges a number of members of the mainstream media for what can only be described as some of the worst examples of a double standard and media bias, that we've seen in this province in decades.

If this was anybody else, other than the current conservative governments of Saskatchewan and Ottawa, who had produced this video, we would be hearing relentless calls to have them punished and punished severely.
Apologies appreciated,
but actions speak louder than words.
Correction: I don't think "all" members of the mainstream media are biased. Just some of them. For instance, I don't think Murray Mandryk is.


Matthew Bennett said...

You just make my day.
Seriously, every time I need a good laugh I wonder over here.

I think that you should Join Blogging Dippers, and link to the Sask NDP

Unknown said...
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BDT said...

Two comments! Wow, what a PR coup this is.

A couple of guys have a couple of pops and say a couple of things and you folks think that their whole life in politics is over.

What they did is a lot better than sitting down sober and writing an essay extolling the virtues of forced sterilization and labeling homosexuality a "disease". That type of behavior warrants the title of "greatest Canadian" from our leftist CBC, and allows the NDP to put Homophobe Tommy on a pedestal.

Hell lets even name a school after him..... Good old "EUGENICS HIGH".. Oh wait that's been done.

Lucky students in Saskatoons West side, Highest crime and poverty rate in Canada coming out of Lorne's riding and now forced to attend a school named after one of the most backwards and least tolerant people ever in politics. !!!

God Bless the NDP.

Tommy 'Sterilize 'Em All' Douglas said...

Who's the NDP going after next?
I'd suggest they have a look at This Hour Has 22 Minutes and the CBC's Air Force, they both make liberal use of funny accents.
Hell, at least Brad Wall wasn't charging us for his use of an accent, the CBC bilks us out of billions while doing it.
Why does the CBC get away with parodies of stereotypes like Jock McBile, Mike from Canmore, and Joe Crow?
Mind you, more people likely watched the Brad Wall tape than watch the CBC's moronic attempts at humour, so that might explain the lack of outrage over the use of an accent.
So maybe the CBC should be forced to apologize.
And not just for the funny accents, they should apologize for pissing away billions of our dollars on making sitcoms.
BTW, where in the Charter Of Rights does it guarantee our right to unfunny, publicly funded 'comedies?
Maybe it's in the back somewhere?

Tommy 'Sterilize 'Em All' Douglas said...
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Tommy 'Sterilize 'Em All' Douglas said...

All hail Tommy Douglas; Canada's Greatest Castrator.
It was only 20 years before this tape that Tommy was soberly explaining to parliament that homosexuality was a mental disorder, or at least I think he was sober, who knows what we can believe about him after the CBC did their whitewash of him.
If the CBC and the lefties truly believed he was so good, why did they feel compelled to lie about him? Is it just habit on their part?