Tuesday, 8 April 2008

In Saskatchewan and Canada it's now okay to hate:

Given the events of the past few days I am trying out a new feature on my blog.

On the right side of this blog, immediately below my photo is a poll that will be running for 2 weeks.

If you wish, you can select multiple choices from the available options.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Hubich - Have you ever been involved in hateful activity? Have you ever been involved in violent protest? Have you ever stalked any former cabinet ministers and threatened them or their families with violence? Just asking.

plainjoe said...

I would say with your add in the local papers, showing a gun sight aimed at a young woman, that the unions think it is ok to show hate toward, and no respect of women.

Labour has it's own rules, with hate toward anyone who doesn't agree with it and it's 18th century beliefs.. especially towards women.

Labour shows it's true colors in their media ads.

Larry Hubich said...


Thank you for participating in this blog.

The ad seen here:

was designed by two women. One who is a Graphics Editor with a major weekly newspaper in Canada, and the other - a woman who has a Masters Degree majoring in Women's Studies from the University of Toronto. (Her masters thesis was on "Saskatchewan Working Women".)

There is no gender issue here.

The ad depicts the Sask. Party government "taking aim' at workers rights with the introduction of their two anti-worker, anti-democratic labour bills (5 & 6).

The person who bears responsibility for the depiction of government "taking aim" at workers rights is the Premier (then Leader of the Opposition) who said he was prepared to "go to war" with working people over their rights.

Below is a transcript from an interview done in 2005 with a local radio personality and Mr. Wall:
Brad Wall on John Gormley 2005

Wall: We need some balance in our labour legislation between the employer and the employee.

Gormley: OK. You’ve said a secret ballot certification vote, so in other words the union wants to establish in a work place, all the employees have a secret ballot vote. That statement puts you at odds with the Federation of Labour. That statement puts you at odds with the NDP. Are you going to go to war on that issue in the next election?

Wall: It’s part of our policy.

Gormley: Because they’re going to say your going to dismantle Trade Unions, yada, yada, yada… just that statement, you’ve got them angry.

Wall: You know what? And maybe you’ve phrased it right. I wish it weren’t the case, but maybe going to war is the way to phrase it.

Unknown said...


I will not ask your permission to hate. Perhaps you've been a union stooge for too long, but in the real world people are free to make their own choices. We do not need some idiot shop steward like yourself telling us what to think.

plainjoe said...

Larry I'm not sure you can defend YOUR add by saying it was designed by women or monkeys..someone had to OK the Ad.. and that reflects back directly on the SFL and You... I guess you can convince yourself of anything but I'm sure there are people(men and Women) who find this offensive...

Typical Labour Hall mentality, blame everything on someone else.. when do you start breaking knee caps??

Anonymous said...

The Left almost has the monopoly on hate. The never-ending vicious demonstrations over almost any social issue. The anti poverty warriors trashing businesses and property. The vehemence on all the major Liberal blogs in the USA and Canada. The hateful remarks put up by the left wing trolls on SDA and other sites.

Oh ya, you people wrote the book on hate and violence. So don't worry too much about a couple of men with beer 17 years ago being a bit macho toward the gays. That was just a bit of crudeness that led to no harm.